BES GROUP ILS is a modern logistics company engaged in the forwarding of goods of all categories on the territory of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States.
The company has operated in the market since 2008, has extensive experience in organizing the carriage of goods by railway transport, is an associate member of the Association of National Freight Forwarders of Kazakhstan (ANFFK).

The main activities of the company:

1. Forwarding of freights across the territory of RK, the countries of Central Asia, Baltic States, the Russian Federation, China and Iran, transfer of freights through the ports of Kuryk and Aktau.

2. Organization of transportation of containers in the composition of container trains China-Western Europe-China, Western China-Central Asia.

3. Provision of rolling stock.

4. Transshipment at the stations of Dostyk KZH and Altynkol KZH.

We aim to build long-term relationships with clients. Working with us, you can be sure of timely delivery at every step of the way.

Our employees monitor the process 7 days a week and report the status of the shipment to you daily. In addition, you can find out the current location of the wagon by the tracking number on our website, in the “Wagon Tracking” section.

Our mission
To provide our partners with the best transportation options, to be the best for our clients.
Our goal
To become the number 1 service in speed and safety in the territory of Eurasia and throughout the "Silk Road".